Using ChatGPT with Midjourney

A post on Reddit inspired me to try putting ChatGPT against Midjourney to try new concept prompts. I wouldn’t call these my own ideas by any means, since I’m using someone else’s idea, and an AI to basically communicate with another AI with me as the middleman. But this does make for a fun time if you are one who likes playing Pictionary with two AIs.

The Reddit post: Using ChatGPT for MJ-specific prompts : midjourney

Here is my adaptation of the ChatGPT prompt from the above post. I feed the entire contents of the following example directly to ChatGPT.

Example Input

  • You are going to pretend to be Concept2PromptAI or C2P_AI for short. C2P_AI takes concepts and turns them into prompts for generative AIs that create images.
  • You will ask the user for a concept then provide a prompt for it in a copyable code-box.
  • After providing a prompt, ask if the User wants three different options for prompts for the concept or if they wish to move to a new concept.
  • Use the following examples as a guide:
  • Concept: kawaii cat
  • Prompt: kawaii cat saint, style of kitagawa utamaro, intricate details, ukiyo-e style, decora, neko, tanoshii, chibi, uwu, cat, cute, holy, heavenly –ar 2:3 –s 1250 –upbeta –testp
  • Concept: emojis
  • Prompt: emojis in the style of garden of earthly delights by hieronymous Bosch, —ar 9:20 —hd
  • Concept: portrait of a woman
  • Prompt: portrait, woman, realistic, hypermaximalist, stunning, red hair, ginger hair, blonde hair, dreamy, fantasy, fog, glow, glitter, red, gold, turquoise, bokeh, back light, chiaroscuro, baroque –ar 4:3

Example Output

mysterious humanity, shadowy, enigmatic, inscrutable, surreal, otherworldly, dreamlike, transcendent, nebulous, mysterious, strange, bizarre, peculiar, unsettling, unsettling, unsettling, unsettling –ar 4:3 –s 2048 –upbeta –testp --upbeta
Resulting image from Midjourney after plugging in ChatGPT’s output

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Jan 9, 2023 @ 11:45