How meditation helps

  • learn to become conscious of yourself, habits, and actions
  • more energy, clearer mind

Meditation Techniques

Awareness of the body

  • Sit comfortably
  • Let go of tensions, focus on relaxing parts of body from the feet to the top of your head. Imagine each body part is becoming very heavy. When you think it’s as heavy as it can be, imagine it even heavier.
  • Relax the eyelids but do not force them closed
  • If thoughts wander, imagine a box with a heavy lid. Put all wandering thoughts into that box, shut the lid, and decide you aren’t going to let them back out. Repeat as necessary. Don’t judge the thoughts for being there. Just notice them, put them away, and continue.
  • Focus on breathing. It’s not necessary to breathe a certain way, although deep breaths help a lot. Be aware of how you are breathing and the feelings that it gives you as you do.
  • Stay there for 5 minutes or so, noticing sensations in the body.

Meditation Videos

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